How to Pick the Perfect Frame

With so many different styles and colors of frames to choose from, the prospect of selecting your own can be very daunting. Most people who wear glasses need to use them for fairly prolonged periods of time, so you will want to be certain that you select frames that flatter your face shape and complement and enhance your facial features so that you look and feel fantastic when you wear them.

With this in mind, here is our guide to choosing the perfect frames for your face.

Frames for your face shape

The shape of your face will have a significant effect on the style of frames that will suit you best, although this is only a guideline and you should always choose the style that you feel gives you the greatest confidence.

Oval face
People who have an oval face have fairly balanced proportions and symmetrical features. Lucky you! Nearly all frame styles will suit you, but those that are a little wider than the widest part of your face tend to be the most complimentary.

Round face
If you have a wide forehead, full cheeks, a rounded chin and a soft jawline you probably have a round face and should choose frames that are square or rectangular to make their face appear slimmer and longer.

Square face
People with a face width and length that are proportionate with a strong jaw are classed as having a square face. Pick a style of frame that sit high on your nose and that have soft curves to reduce the angular features of your face. Round and oval frames are best.'

Heart-shaped face
If your forehead is wider than your chin and you have high, well-defined cheekbones then your face is heart-shaped. To offset the natural wideness at the top part of your face, choose frames that are a little wider than your forehead or that have an exaggerated brow such as a cat-eye.

Long face
People with a fairly slim and narrow face should choose frames that are oval or cat-eye in style to complement their cheekbones and more delicate features.

What frame color should I choose?

It isn’t just the shape and thickness of your frames that you will need to consider. Choosing the right color can also make a massive difference to the effect that they create.

The majority of people naturally gravitate towards a fairly neutral frame color since they are easier to match with virtually any shade of skin or eyes. Black, brown and tortoiseshell frame suit just about everyone. However, if you are feeling brave and want to make sure that your frames make a statement, then you may wish to consider something more daring.

  • If you have blue eyes, then opt for orange hues to make your eyes pop and demand attention.

  • If you have brown or amber-toned eyes, bright greens and blues will best complement your eyes.

  • If your eyes are grey then stick with bold, bright colors to avoid appearing too dark and monochromatic.

  • If your eyes are green or hazel, you will find that golden and earthy tones most complement your look. You may also want to consider shades of purple.

  • People with cool skin tones look best in frames that are also cool-toned, including silver, grey, blue, green and clear.

  • People with warm skin tones suit frames that are also warm – think browns, reds, oranges, golds, and tortoiseshell.

  • If you are fortunate enough to have a neutral skin-tone, you will find that any frame color works with your skin.

When it comes to your hair, you will also find that different shades will have an impact on the look of your glasses and your overall style. For example, red-heads can easily get away with bold colored frames but should avoid brassy tones. Meanwhile, brunettes tend to suit black or pastel frames, and blondes and white-haired people can create a truly unique look with bright and daring colors!

If you would like more advice on which frames to choose for your new glasses, our experienced and knowledgeable associates will be delighted to help you choose the perfect style. Contact us today at our clinic in Chesapeake, VA today by calling (757) 607-4800.

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