Advanced Medical Options

Bring clarity back to your life. At EVEA, we offer a large selection of advanced dry eye products and services that will help you extinguish those nasty outbreaks in the most efficient manner possible. If other treatments have not fully solved your dry eye troubles, one of these science-backed options could be right for you.

Autologous Serum

Exhausted from trying eyedrop brand after eyedrop brand, but still can’t find long-term relief? Your eyes might lack essential nutrients to promote proper tear function. Some of these components are known as albumins, and are generally found in your own blood.

An “autologous” serum means it is made from your own body. Autologous eyedrops are created by taking a small sample of your blood in our office and combining it with a saline solution. Together, this creates a lubricating serum closely identical to your own tears that is rich in albumins and very natural to your eyes. It also includes vitamins and antibodies that supply your eyes with the growth factors they might desperately need to return to optimal tear production. Artificial tears that are normally found over-the-counter lack all of these revitalizing nutrients.

​​​​​​​Since their introduction roughly 20 years ago, ASEDs (autologous serum eye drops) have been highly effective in treating moderate dry eye disease. If you have tried time and time again to find eyedrops that work for you, an autologous serum might be just the answer you’re looking for.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Another type of natural solution is platelet-rich plasma—a type of eyedrop that seeks to introduce your body’s own platelets to your eyes.

​​​​​​​Platelets are usually the first line of defense when your body wants to heal tissues. By taking a sample of your blood and mixing it with an anticoagulant, your body’s own platelets and plasma are distilled from your blood cells. This product allows PRP eyedrops to create a healing powerhouse to resolve your dry eyes, in addition to providing proteins and cytokines which help to reduce inflammation.

Amniotic Membranes

The restorative superpowers of amniotic treatment are used for a range of ophthalmic purposes—including dry eye disease!

Amniotic membranes are ocular grafts created from ethically-sourced stem cell tissues. They are applied to your eyes through a painless, in-office procedure that is fast and easy.

​​​​​​​These grafts have regenerative properties that help manage and heal many ocular surface diseases, including chronic inflammation and dry eye syndrome.

Prescription Steroids

If your dry eye stems primarily from inflammation or irritation, topical steroids can often provide fast relief by keeping the swelling to a minimum. These anti-inflammatory solutions are usually recommended in conjunction with other treatments. Don’t hesitate to schedule a visit at our clinic so we can properly evaluate your dry eye severity and determine the best procedure for you

Prescription Immunomodulators

Immunomodulators produce a similar effect as steroids: they seek to helpfully modify your immune system’s response to a problem in the body, alleviating inflammation and other related symptoms in the process. Your body’s response to dry eye conditions is often one of the aspects that are impacted.


Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation

The trigeminal nerves are spread across your face like a net and send facial touch sensations to the brain. Research has shown that part of this network of nerves is responsible for the operation of the tear film, meaning stimulating this region can promote the function of your meibomian glands and ultimately help your eyes make better-quality tears.

Because your nasal passage is the easiest way to reach these nerves, trigeminal nerve stimulation typically involves inserting a non-invasive device into your nose to activate the nerve pathways through a sonic frequency. The procedure is extremely safe, effective, and comfortable.

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