Process of Contact Lenses Exam

While eyeglasses correct your vision from a short distance from your eyes, contact lenses do so while in direct contact with them. The American Optometric Association specifically says that a contact lens exam is more elaborate than a standard eye check. If you think it’s time for contact lenses, you should see your eye doctor and go through the right steps. If you want to understand what to expect during a contact lens exam, here’s what you should know.

Consultation and Standard Eye Exam

Before you sit in the exam chair, your eye specialist will review your health history. You should inform your eye doctor about the health conditions you have and the medications you take. Then, a standard eye exam will take place. Expect to have eye tests like retinoscopy. Your eye doctor needs your baseline information before proceeding with the rest of your contact lens exam.


After your standard eye exam, you and your eye care provider will discuss your expectations and contact lens choices. You may talk about changing or enhancing your eye color with your new contacts. The matter of using overnight or disposable contact lenses will also come up.

Measurements of the Eye Surface

Your eye care provider will measure your irises, pupils, eye surfaces, and curvatures. It’s important to have contact lenses that fit your eyes properly. They will correct your vision while providing eye comfort. Your eye doctor must have the following measurements:

  • Iris or Pupil Size. Your eye care provider will use a slit lamp or biomicroscope to measure your irises or pupils.

  • Corneal Curve. Contact lenses have a distinct curve that should fit the front part of your eyes. Your eye specialist will measure your corneal curve (front surface of your eyes). For a more detailed measurement, your eye doctor will use corneal topography.

Tear Film Assessment

Through a tear film test, your eye care provider can determine if you have enough quality tear film to support your contacts. If your only issue is your insufficient tear film production, there are new types of contact lenses that deliver moisture to the eye surface.



You will have a trial pair of contacts. As you wear these contact lenses, your eye doctor will evaluate the movement and alignment of the lenses on your eyes’ surfaces. Once your lenses fit correctly, your specialist will create a prescription for your contacts. You have to wear these prescription contact lenses for a week. After this trial period, you must see your eye doctor again to confirm that your contacts are comfortable and serving their purpose. This is when your doctor will order your supply of contact lenses for you.

With a comprehensive contact lens exam, you can get comfortable contact lenses that will correct your vision. At Eastern Virginia Eye Associates, we are equipped with the tools and techniques that will help you get the right contact lenses you need. Please visit our clinic in Chesapeake, Virginia, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at (757) 607-4800 if you want to schedule an appointment or ask questions about our contact lens exam packages.


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