How to Pick the Best Frames for Your Face Shape

Shopping for new eyeglass frames is a thoughtful process. Apart from improving your eyesight, your eyeglasses can change your facial appearance. When choosing frames, you should consider factors such as your face shape, skin tone, personality, and lifestyle. Below are tips for picking the best frames for your face shape. 

The Shape of Your Face

When shopping for new frames, you need to know the shape of your face. It will help determine the style that works best for you. The right pair of eyeglasses will enhance your best facial features. 

Different features such as forehead width, jawline, and cheekbones will determine your facial shape. The main facial shapes are round, oval, square, heart-shaped, and diamond face.

Your Facial Angles


Apart from determining your face shape, you also need to consider if you have soft or sharp angles. Facial shapes usually have sharp angles that are square and heart-shaped, while those with soft angles are oval and round. 

If you have sharp features, look for frames that soften the angles, making your face look thinner. For a soft-angled face, you can choose eyeglass frames that make your face appear smaller, such as cat eye frames. 

Consider Your Skin Tone


Eyeglass frames are available in a wide range of colors. Determine the best frames for your skin tone. The best colors are beige, honey, olive green, and light tortoise if you have a warm skin tone. 

Avoid frames in black, white, blue, and bright pink. Choose black, gray, silver, purple, and pink frames if you have a cool skin tone. Avoid orange, yellow, and brown frames that may not enhance your features. 

Frames for Your Lifestyle


You should pick frames that are suitable for your lifestyle or daily activities. If you have an active lifestyle, choose durable and flexible eyeglasses. You can find frames ideal for digital device use, gaming, reading, or working in a factory. 

Your eyewear can reveal much about what you do, and you should consider your profession when choosing frames. Determine how you want people to see you. 

Consider Your Personality

You can use eyeglass frames to display your style and personality. If you are looking for frames that you wear to a party or fun event, you can get fun and colorful frames. You can choose a more refined pair for your office look. 

Determine what you want to convey but select a style you love at the end of the day. You should feel happy and comfortable in the frames that you wear. You can also get more than one pair for different occasions.

It is helpful to realize that most faces do not fit perfectly in one shape. It means that your face can lie between a round and oval shape or an oval and heart-shaped shape. If you are unsure where your face shape lies, you can try out several pairs. Do not hesitate to get a second opinion. 

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