Our Lumenis Stellar IPL—or “Intense Pulsed Light”— targets the abnormal blood vessels and congested eye glands, the underlying cause of dry eye, with multiple wavelengths at the same time, alleviating the irritated conditions of dry eyes, clogged eyelid glands, and the red inflammation brought about by Rosacea. Our technology also hides scars, covers spots, and smooths wrinkles.

Eastern Virginia Eye Associates is proud to be amongst the 1% of nationwide providers who utilize advanced IPL technology to effectively treat dry eye conditions. Thanks to the Lumenis Stellar IPL, our Med Spa brings healing to dry eyes by alleviating abnormal and inflamed blood vessels, leveling out the concentration of the tear film, and restoring functionality to the Meibomian glands. We treat the cause, not just the symptoms!

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Strides in technology allow ILUX to treat the source of dry eye troubles by massaging the inflamed tear glands with heat. By targeting blockage areas in the ducts, our ILUX treatment efficiently and painlessly cleans out the tear glands. Tears freely flow once again as build-up melts away, leaving your eyes refreshed and your vision clearer than ever.

Don’t chase after temporary dry eye solutions. Conquer the root of the problem with ILUX.

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Sometimes marks and blemishes are harmless, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be removed. Discolorations of the skin can come about from prolonged sun exposure, scars, or birth marks.

Our Med Spa team can quickly determine the best course of action to smooth the contour of your skin, renewing both your face and your confidence.

Don’t settle. See how the Med Spa can enhance your life today.​​​​​​​

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