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Share the Care Referral Program

A Promise to our patients...

Quality of eyecare and eyewear products varies dramatically from one place to another. As long as you're a patient in our practice, please know you will receive the most comprehensive, individual eye health care, and finest eyewear and contact lens products available. We hope you will always be comfortable and confident in sharing our philosophy of care with family and friends. When you do, we want to express our gratitude with a program extending your substantial savings on your next eyewear purchase. We will never offer supermarket eyewear or second-rate materials. However, it will be our pleasure to extend savings to you when you refer family and friends through our Eyewear Referral Program.

A Chance to Say Thanks
When you refer a patient who purchases eyewear in our optical, we'll extend our thanks by offering you a $20 savings in your next eyewear purchase. Here's how it works. Go to our website and click on the "refer us" tab. When the person you refer purchases eyewear in our optical, you will receive the following:

Refer 1 Eyewear Patient: Save $20
Refer 2 Eyewear Patient: Save $40
Refer 3 Eyewear Patient: Save $60
Refer 4 Eyewear Patient: Save $80
Refer 5 Eyewear Patient: Save $100
Refer 6 Eyewear Patient: Save $120
Refer 7 Eyewear Patient: Save $140

*Saving period – 2 years from the last purchase. No other offers, savings or vision plans apply when using this program.

How will you know how much you've earned?
We always ask our new eyewear patients how they learn about our practice. Anytime you refer a patient, we'll send a "Thank You" informing you of your savings level.

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