Dry Eye Syndrome creates red, irritated eyes and swollen lids. When the meibomian glands no longer produce tears with enough oils, the tear ducts become clogged, and the eyes are left itchy and uncomfortable. Eye drops alone will not cure tear duct blockage.

Advanced dry eye procedures such as our Med Spa’s ILUX treatment target the source of dry eye symptoms by cleaning out build-up in the tear ducts, reclaiming your eye health and diminishing the effects of Dry Eye Syndrome in the future.


Common symptoms of Rosacea include an unnatural redness across the face accompanied by occasional bumps. The blood vessels surrounding the cheeks, mouth, and nose swell and become visible, affecting the color of the skin. Untreated Rosacea can sometimes spread to the eyes, developing Ocular Rosacea, a common reason for dry eye symptoms.

Rosacea is often a chronic condition, which means long-term solutions to maintain the natural health of your face should not be overlooked. Our Med Spa makes the search easy for you with our top-of-the-line IPL technology, providing long-lasting relief.

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Demodex Mites are microscopic creatures which typically live on hair follicles and feed off of the face’s dead skin cells and oils. While small concentrations of the mites are harmless, people with weaker immune systems are likely to experience skin problems when mite populations grow too large.

A Med Spa evaluation can determine how Demodex Mites could be affecting the health of your eyes and skin. Our professionals will help decide the right treatment for you, bringing a truly healthy face back into your life.

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Swollen and crusty eye lids and lashes are the staple of Blepharitis symptoms, often accompanied by extreme eye irritation, burning, and itching. Blepharitis can be caused be aggravating factors such as bacteria or Rosacea. Bacterial build-up on the eye lids can come about quickly, or be the result of years of accumulation.

Eye surface health is crucial to your quality of vision. Don’t neglect the cleanliness of your eyes; allow our adept Med Spa to treat your problems with care and experience.

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